Playlist Live’s programming is divided into three different tracks: the Community Track, the Insight Track & the Industry Track.

The Community Track

This track is for you if you love watching and interacting with your favorite creators online. It’s best for people who want to meet and greet our featured creators and attend Q&As, music performances, panels, challenges, games and more.

In the past, the Community Track has covered topics like: Dealing with Haters on Online Bullying, Finding Your Identity in the Age of Social Media, Being LGBTQ+, How to Stay Inspired and Motivated, The Mental Health Panel, The First Day of My Channel and more.

The Community Track consists of 2 days of programming: Saturday and Sunday.

The Insight Track

This track is for you if you want to learn more about the ins and outs of creating content. It’s best for people who have a channel or are thinking about starting one or working with people who do.

In the past, the Insight Track has covered topics like: How to Be a Better YouTuber, Off-Camera Careers in Digital, Balancing School and Social Media, and How to Get Sponsorships.

The Insight Track consists of 3 days of programming: Friday (new this year!), Saturday and Sunday.

The Industry Track

This track is for attendees who currently work or want to work in the industry (e.g. up-and-coming creators, brands, agents, marketers, business owners, producers, etc)–essentially anyone who’s interested in the industry side of digital.

In the past, the Industry Track has covered topics like: Creators and Cultivating Brand Loyalty, Effectively Working with Creators, The Future of Influencer Marketing, and Mastering a Long-Term, Multi-Platform Strategy.

The Industry Track consists of 3 days of programming: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


The Playlist Live Kickoff Show

The Kickoff Show is the best way to start Playlist Live. It’s a variety show jam-packed with stage appearances by your favorite creators! Our featured creators play games, interact with the audience, answer questions, perform music, and set the tone for an amazing weekend.

The Playlist Live Kickoff Show happens on Friday evening.

The Premium Meetup

This meetup is for attendees who love meeting creators and want the ultimate meetup experience. In addition to the surprise meetup and Kickoff Show on Friday night, the Premium Meetup also includes early meetup selection, so you’ll be the first to sign up for meetup groups.

The Premium Meetup is an extra surprise meetup that happens on Friday night.