Meet April Bowman!

What’s your channel name?
My name is April and my channel name is April Bowman, which is just my name but I figured it’ll do. Haha.

What inspired you to start a channel?
I got inspired to start my channel a few years ago from watching creators like Mikey Murphy, Luke Korns and of course O2L. Since then I’ve taken a break from YouTube to finish high school and I am not back and better than ever. Getting most of my inspiration now from creators like Sam and Colby and Kian and JC.

Why do you like creating videos?
I love creating videos because it’s such a creative outlet. I can be my most true and honest self and love every second of it. I love the fun and the thrill of filming something crazy. But most of all I absolutely LOVE bringing joy and laughter to people. I strive to make my videos interesting and funny. (Minus a few scary ones like the one linked). YouTube is such an awesome outlet for expressing yourself and having fun.