Playlist Live groups multiple creators together for meetups when possible. Some creators will not be grouped with others! You will pre-reserve your meetups online at a date to be announced in the near future. Using your order number and billing email address you will log into the Playlist Live meetup system, at that point, you will select (1) one meetup for Saturday and (1) one meetup for Sunday.

Selection is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once reserved, you are confirmed to meet those creators at the event. You will receive a confirmation email of your Meetup selections. When you pick up your badge at registration, you will receive a wristband for each meetup. The wristband will get you into your designated meetup on Saturday and Sunday. These wristbands will be cut off by Playlist Live staff when you exit your meetup.

At your designated time each day, head to your selected meetup and ENJOY!


Please Note: Our special guests have the right to choose what merchandise they will sign in addition to if they will take photos with you. Due to time constraints, some special guests choose to do one, the other or both.

All meet-up participants are required to be at their designated meet-up area no later than one hour after the start time to guarantee entrance.


PARENT PASS HOLDERS: A parent pass does not participate in the meetup reservation process. All parent’s are able to accompany their child to meetups as long as that child has the designated wristband. There will be a parent waiting area at the back of each meetup section. We want to ensure as many attendees as possible meet their favorite creators.

COMMUNITY,  INSIGHT & INDUSTRY PASS HOLDERS: On a date and time to be announced, you will be able to login and reserve your two meetups. Meetup selection is on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can only select (1) one meetup on Saturday and (1) one meetup on Sunday. Once you have made your meetup selection and hit submit, you cannot change your selection. Pick carefully! As meetups fill up, that meetup will become unavailable for selection. Please act quickly and select another! Once you submit your selections, you will receive a confirmation email. After you receive your email showing your selections, just sit back and wait until Playlist Live!

Refunds will not be given if your meetup of choice is at capacity.


Once you arrive at registration, have your confirmation email AND a photo ID (school, drivers license, etc.). You will then be given your credential.

At registration, you will also receive two wristbands for the meetups you have registered for. Playlist Live staff will put on all wristbands, no exceptions. You will not be allowed to take loose wristbands with you. There will be no additional wristbands given for lost or removed bands, so please be careful with them!

On Saturday & Sunday, you will only be given access to the meetups you have registered for. Each ticket purchased allows access for two meetups, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Only two wristbands are allowed per person. Parents will however be allowed access to the meetup area with their child provided their child has the correct wristband for that meetup.

REFUNDS If a scheduled special guest is unable to make it due to unforeseen circumstances, Playlist Live will do everything we can to fill their spot with another special guest. No refunds will be given due to special guest changes.


There is no reason to wait once you have a wristband for a designated meetup. There’s no need to arrive early either. Your wristband acts as your “meetup ticket” and you’re guaranteed a place in the meetup as long as you arrive on time and have the proper wristband. Please relax and enjoy Playlist Live — there’s no need to rush or create unnecessary early lines with this pre-reservation meetup system! All you have to do is show your wristband and walk into the meetup room.

If you still have questions, our team would love to help you, just contact us!